New action type: Go to another view (not a row-level action)

The same “Go to Another View” action type that we already have, but with the “not a row-level” option so it would show overlay on table views, giving us many options like:

-Add row to another table (LINKTOFORM);
-Open Detail or Form of the latest entry of this table (LINKTOROW);
-Apply a filter to this view (LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW);
-Simply go to another view (LINKTOVIEW).

I know we already have this option. But my request is to use it as a not a row-level action, displaying it overlay on table views.

Right now we only have 3 “not row-level action” that display on table views, none of them customizable

So what you’re really asking for is a different PLACE to put an action; not really a different action.

We can say like that.

For the user, it will be only a new place for the same action. In the editor however, I think it would be a new action type because it would not only show in a new place, but also change the way it works. Since it wouldn’t be a row level action, some row level expressions wouldn’t work.

Possible now using LINKTOVIEW() referencing the target table’s form view, but you can’t pass column value presets.

Possible now to open a form view on the latest entry using a specially-configured form view with a Row key expression.

Possible now to open a form or detail view on the latest entry using the view atop a suitably-configured slice.

That’s literally what slices are for.

Possible now.

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I think I didn’t explain myself well. Sorry for that.

I know that everything I said is perfectly possible now, but not from a table view. All those actions, although possible, only can be displayed on a Detail View (prominent or overlay) or Inline. None one those can be Displayed on a Table View.

I have all these functions now on my apps and all of them works perfectly, but I’d like to save a few clicks for my users by putting those actions in a more intuitive place. Extra unnecessary clicks can create a lot of problems.

What I mean is just a new place for those actions (Overlay on Table View), but my guess is that it would be a whole new action type, since it would change the way it works (not row-level action), and not only its appearance.


  1. Export the table content to Excel. Although its perfectly possible to export to Excel (Workflow, save file or Send Email), we cannot trigger the workflow directly from this view.

  2. I have an app that I cannot add a new row while the last row is incomplete. I can hide the the “add” button while there is an incomplete row, but I cannot put a edit overlay action on the table view that would go directly to that incomplete row. I need to click to open the row, then edit. (Many times I’ve listened “The add button disappeared! what should I do?”)

  3. Filter the view. We can create slices, we can use LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW actions, but I cannot go from the Main Table View directly to the Filtered View. I always need to impose some extra steps for my users.

An workaround for that is to make a Detail View with only its Related Records. This way, I can put every action I want in the position I want. But again, extra steps.

Yes, they are, as I explained.


@Steve what he’s requesting is not currently possible…

Perhaps I’m missing something?