New Actions not visible

(Jessy Mrozowski) #1

Hi there,

For some reason when I try to add a new Action, It does not show up. I have 2 actions already that I created when I first made the app, but now for some reason when I try to add a 3rd in the exact same manner as the last two, It will not show up. I believe this is a bug within the AppSheet code as I have ensured the Record Table is correct and the Behavior Only If condition is TRUE.

Essentially the 3rd action is IDENTICAL to the other 2 and it will not show in the detail view.

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

Have you checked if the Prominence of this action is set as Display prominently? Check out the Actions view from my sample app below. There are 4 actions with exactly doing the same thing.

(Jessy Mrozowski) #3

Hi there,

I figured out my problem. I was trying to add an action to Edit a column however the Slice I was using was ‘Read Only’. I changed it to ‘Update’ and was able to complete my task.

Thank you.

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