New API Endpoints to check app's health status

As we all now, RESTful APIs are stateless and any POST request that you make is totally binded by the object they modify. The context of AppSheet API and the HTTP response codes are totally related with the CRUD of the re-called object. Therefore, even-if the app might be crashing at the initial sync of the app, your API call always returns a 200 response and completes the associated POST request.

However; any app might have multiple co-authors to maintain the flawless operation of the app and regular app updates. Provided anyone of these co-authors manipulates the back-end and forget to regenerate the column structure for example, the app will crash.

I believe it could be highly beneficial - especially when developers/partners like us is concerned - to have specially designed API endpoints for checking the Health status of the developed apps which can return a simple informational JSON response i.e.

	"Status": "Healthy",
	"LastGoodKnownSync": "2020-05-09 18:23:41 UTC"


	"Status": "Error",
	"AppName": "LandResource-245151",
	"TableName": "STATE LIST",
	"ErrorDefinition": "Unable to fetch app definition",
	"ErrorDescription": "There is a mismatch in the number of columns between the spreadsheet for STATE LIST and the table schema. The table has 3 columns but the schema has 2 columns. Please regenerate the table column structure."

@Phil your input is highly appreciated here.