New Bug: Auto log out after closing the app

I have logged in to the same app with 4 devices in this month. I recently installed the app on my Huawei phone, which is 5th device and I signed in to the app successfully and I closed the app.

After few hours when I tried to connect the app, I have surprisingly been automatically logged out from the app and then I couldn’t sign in thereafter.

This is what the app shows after I opened the app again.

When I tried to sign in by clicking the authentication provider name(Dropbox), it doesn’t display the user the sign in form. That is, clicking on drop box isn’t responded/continued.

When I uninstalled the app and reinstalled,I could sign in to the app as usual. But after closing the app and I tried to connect after few hours, the app has again auto logged out. Then I clicked on drop box to sign in and it hasn’t responded/continued (same issue as previous).
But after uninstalled the app and reinstalled, it worked.

But issue is continuing after closing the app.

This issue occurred only in the Huawei phone which I recently installed the app. In other devices such as my laptop, tab and other mobiles the app works fine.

Why this happens? Is it because of the number of devices?

Please contact for help with this.

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Thank Steve.

I tried to contact but it continuously sends me mail-block alert.

I don’t know what that means. Please post a screenshot.

What did this link tell you?


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Tried to contact with different emails but same result again.

Massage blocked.

That page provided nothing useful. How about the one here:


Learn More is also directing to the same link as in previous image.

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I’m afraid you’re going to have to contact your email support folks. I don’t think the block is coming from AppSheet.

yeah I guess now my mail is delivered.

Thanks for the support @Steve

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