New Bug Encountered:About screen logo too large

The About screen logo all of a sudden is too large, and I presume is the cause of now not showing my user guidance text which always was shown. Happens on both my iPhone (latest OS) and development computer form factors. Happens with both my custom logo as well as built-in logo.

It would appear the ‘About’ page has had an overall redesign. Personally, I am a fan of it.

However, the scaling of the app logo has indeed increased which makes for an ugly logo if the resolution was low.

Thanks for your response. I assume there was an announcement of some sort made that I just missed - if not AppSheet needs to do so for this type change. To my mind it’s way too big for a small screen, and causing the user guidance text to disappear in unacceptable. AppSheet should rework this change.

Pinging @morgan

Hi @tony I Just checked my apps and the text on the about views is all blacked out. These are apps with dark background themes.

Hey everyone!

There are two bugs reported here that I’ve fixed and you will see tomorrow.

  1. The logo size. It should be restricted to a reasonable size now.
  2. The font colors on dark themes. These will be appropriate colors matching the themes now.



Thank you. @morgan

Thanks. Will the fix enable the explanatory text to appear? Also, I had reported a potentially related bug in a separate post (the initial view not displaying when the About window dismissed) – will the fix address that as well?

Sorry-but I see no change. The logo is still too large, and the explanatory text is still not shown.