New Bug Encountered: About (User Guidance) line breaks

Hi, I seem to have come across a bit of a bug. When I view the ‘About’ section of my app I can see the text clearly and well set out in mobile view, however in tablet view the text is all blocked together with no line breaks.
I have included several lines of text in the user guidance section and this is what is being displayed but it needs to be displayed clearly and in the same format across mobile, table and web browser views. Please help!

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Please post screenshots demonstrating the difference.

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Mobile view

Tablet / Web view

As you can see in the tablet view, after the short description all of the text is blocked together.

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Thanks! I’ll escalate this internally to try to get it fixed.

Attn @Arthur_Rallu

Thanks dude! It would also be great if there were formatting options for the text which appears in those boxes.