New Bug Encountered: Action condition suddenly not working

Suddenly today a condition on an action (Only if this condition is true) is no longer preventing that action from being invoked. This is the case on earlier versions of the same app of mine so I’m sure it’s not something that I have done. It must be related to a change in the AppSheet platform in the past 24 hours. Am I the only one to experience such a problem? If needed I’ll send a more complete description of the problem to AppSheet support.

UPDATE: The problem only occurs on a web interface, including the AppSheet editor. The app works on my smartphone.

SECOND UPDATE: The difference between my phone and my browser occurred because my phone did not update immediately.


Is it resolved.?
I am also facing the same problem

I have tried to change the formulas to List,text and other possible formats
Still the problem is not solved

Same here. The action buttons don’t show anymore.

We are having the same issue. Action buttons are inexplicably missing.

Update - It was working on Android, but not anymore. I’ve sent several emails to but still no answer.

It is a major issue for our company.

@praveen Can we have someone look into this? Looks like it’s still flying under the radar but it might be making some big waves and might not be immediately noticed by those it impacts.

Same here, navigation actions are not working. Do we know if this is affecting clients as well?

I believe it is being investigated as a top priority since this morning. Will get the status and post here!


This should be fixed. Could one of you confirm please? You would need to kill/restart the app, or refresh the browser.


Hi @praveen!

I just tried my app in my browser and the problem is basically unchanged there. And, as I wrote in my message to, my app is working on my phone but not in my browser.

The reason I say “basically” unchanged is that I had two issues and one has been resolved. I also reported in my message to “support” that menus in one view were not appearing properly. That is no longer a problem. The problem with the action condition in the browser, however, is unchanged.

@Appsheet-GLM, you indicated that your app is working on Android. So, do you also only see the problem in your browser? I wonder if @Gaurav_Khandelwal, @APiCC_Conor, and @Daisy_Ramirez are also experiencing differences between performance on mobile devices and browsers.

Hi @Kirk_Masden I couldn’t find the email you mentioned. Can you forward it to directly? As well as any details I would need to reproduce the behavior, if not already included.

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Hi Adam! Just resent. Thanks!

I’ve gotten a note from @Adam that at least one problem has been discovered and that a fix is coming soon. Thanks @Adam!

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@Adam has helped me see that this is not a platform issue. For some reason, web pages update immediately but the AppSheet app on our phones may not. To replicate the problem on my phone, I erased AppSheet and then reinstalled it. Now, my app works (or doesn’t work) in the same way on both my mobile device and my browser.

This leads me to another question: How can we be sure that our mobile devices have the latest version of the AppSheet platform without going to the trouble of erasing AppSheet and downloading it again?

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Doesn’t the updater for the AppSheet container work like any other mobile app? I mean, you find there is an update and tap the “Update” option. No need to erase and re-install…or am I missing something?

As far as knowing WHEN there is an update…it would be nice for us developers to know when and what is updated. Or is that already available somehow?


It is fixed
Thank you

Thank you for confirming Gaurav.

Yup! My app is now working properly too. Thanks!

Thanks @WillowMobileSystems! I posted a separate inquiry about this:

I hope we get some enlightening comments / explanations.

hi all,
My action is to hide the action icon if any of these conditions is true:
AND(IN(USEREMAIL(),TM[Email]),CONTEXT(“View”)<>“START & STOP”,CONTEXT(“View”)<>“CCV”,Status<>“DONE”,ISNOTBLANK([TM Number]),OR(IN(“Admin1”,TM[APP ROLE]),IN(“Admin2”,TM[APP ROLE]),IN(“Admin3”,TM[APP ROLE])))

it was working yesterday (unless inadvertently touched).
Nevertheless, i have sliced the formula bit by bit and still not working now.

I have closed the app, refreshed the browser but to no avail.
please see image

it is supposed not to appear as the Status is already DONE

as i have said above, i even just put the [Status]<>“DONE” only to see if it will be hidden, but no.

even in Iphone not hidden.


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