New Bug Encountered: Action Deletion on Table Source change

Hey guys, so I’m sure you’re aware of this one. Basically it’s the situation of when you re-reference your tables (e.g if you want to change the name of your spreadsheet tab or move it to a new spreadsheet) the Action ‘linktoform’ seemt to get automatically deleted by Appsheet. I think this is a bug because other elements of the table (e.g a form view) will not get deleted but instead take on the new table name reference.

The image attached is how it should look, however this was created by remaking the action button ‘Send Report’, when I originally changed the Table Source this action was deleted.

Thanks for all the hard work guys.


Edit: I just tried this on another simple action (a change data action) and it did the same thing, so I don’t think its just the ‘linktoform’ action thats the problem.

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I would just like to add one more thing as I was testing this Today on another Table and received a different result. The only difference is that in the former example posted above I renamed my spreadsheet tab, went to ‘Add Source’ and added the name of the new table first before saving. Today though I chose to rename the Spreadsheet but did not add the source manually instead letting Appsheet give me the error when I re-synced upon some other changes I had made to the app. Funny enough this seemed to result in being able to add the source without affecting the action buttons.

Edit: Ok I seemed to find the source of the bug. The ‘Qualifier’ on the Table Name may change and NOT affect your action buttons, but as soon as your ‘Table Name’ changes it deletes your Action buttons automatically. Is this not a bug? I can imagine a lot of people getting upset that their actions disappeared just because of a simple change in the Table Name section.

I’d call it a bug.

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