New Bug Encountered: Action: Execute an action on a set of rows

Data: Execute an action on a set of rows

I have used this awesome feature but it stopped working last Friday.
Did anyone else encountered the same problem?

Mine seems OK.

Can you add details of what is not working?Have you looked at the audit history to diagnose?

I have created an Action called “Import Reports”:

It was designed to trigger another Action called “Export Reports”. This action works well on its own.

For some mysterious reason the action that you see in the screenshot does not trigger it anymore using the same REF_ROWS formula as before.
In the formula “Archives Reports” represents the name of the table and “Last Name, First Name” is the key column of that table.

I wouldn’t use REF_ROWS here. I would use a SELECT or FILTER expression to get the rows. I don’t know if that is the issue, but I personally hate REF_ROWS outside of auto-generated VCs. Even then I redid most of mine.

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I have used the SELECT formula also, no difference…

Damn. I was hoping it was something silly like a backend update on how REF_ROWS works. Any errors or anything at all in the logs about this action?


Time to email, then, I guess.

Do you get the expected results when you Test the Referenced Rows expression from Expression Assistant?

Good question. I just checked and NO,the result in the test is showing all rows in the table, rather than the ones corresponding to the key…
The same formula is assigned automatically in the “Friends” table to list the corresponding rows and it works fine.

Any suggestions on what List formula I could replace it with?

The Referenced Rows expression must produce a list of row keys. I recommend using FILTER() to gather the list. Give that a shot. Remember to Test your expression in Expression Assistant.

I have replaced the REF_ROWS formula with the following:
FILTER(“Archived Reports”, ([Last Name, First Name] = [Full Name]))

The Test in the Expression Assistant also returns all rows.
This being the case, shouldn’t the Action be applied to all rows?.. It remains inactive.

Can you send a screenshot of the test result and the tables associated? Along with a screenshot of example data for [Last Name, First Name] and [Full Name]?

Your FILTER() expression will gather a list of key column values from the Archived Reports table. Your action then tries to match those key column values to key column values of the Reports table. Do the Archived Reports and Reports tables have key column values in common?

My apologies,
The formula I just tested and meant to use is actually this:
FILTER(“Reports”, ([Last Name, First Name] = [Full Name]))
rather than this:
FILTER(“Archived Reports”, ([Last Name, First Name] = [Full Name]))

The reports I am trying to include in the action are the rows of the table Reports with the key [Last Name, First Name]. The values of this key are common with the key of the Friends table [Full Name].
They are listed in the Friends view as Referenced rows of the table Reports

I’m not entirely sure if this will do anything, but I’ve been surprised before. Try changing to [_THISROW].[Full Name] and see if anything is different.

Just tried this, the action is still dead…
I really think there is a problem with the code rather than my formula.
The fact that it originally worked and now it does not, kind of makes it clear…
I’m going to send the 3rd email to support, see what happens.
I understand that with the new year etc. not everyone is checking things as usual.

Thanks everyone for your help, really appreciate the input!


As @Bahbus wrote, it may be time to email

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Yeah, I’m completely stumped at the moment. But I also never do this type of action/reporting, so far at least, so I wasn’t super qualified in the first place.

Just for giggles, did you try switching [Last Name,…] and [Full Name] around in your expression? That’s literally the last thing I can think of. And that shouldn’t do anything at all. But if you haven’t tried, I suppose it could be worth 2 min to give it a shot.

You should post your App name and ID so that @praveen, @Aleksi, @TyAlevizos, @Phil, or someone else on the AppSheet team can take a look when they can. Unless you already provided that in an email to support.