New Bug Encountered: Action fails on COUNT() with no related records


Is it a normal behaviour that Action fails when trying to set a value with Count expression on related records when there is none?

Below COUNT() returns the number of related records Commandes. Everything work fine when at least one record can be counted but the action fails when there is no records. No record is = 0 and this should not be a invalid value. Note: Commandes restantes is a number.

Does the Commandes restantes column have a Valid If expression? If so, what is it? Also, does the column have a minimum value set?


Hi @Steve.

You experience keeps astonishing me! Of course I had a minimum value set to 1.

I wish I could trace the execution and place a break point to find this by myself. With 60+ actions in action groups calling each other it is hard to know where to look and what to look for.

Thanks again!


I hear ya… :frowning:

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