New Bug Encountered: Action not firing consistently

Hi Alex, I’ve been working through your scenario here and have a question about the actual email template.

Based on your example above,

  • My “tracker” table is called “Activity”.
  • I’m currently posting a record to the Activity table from my Quote Header table when a user saves the form (On Save)
  • I have a workflow that fires when a record is added to the Activity table and it’s set to generate the email template so the workflow is based on the Activity table now vs. the Quote Header table.

I’m having trouble with my email template:

Here’s the Start Expression of the email template:

Here’s the error I’m getting:


Hey @Daisy_Ramirez

The basic idea is that Workflows need to be triggered based on the mere fact that there’s a new row in XYZ Table - not based on a change in a VC.

So, in essence we end up with having two slightly different workflows… The template should in theory stay the same… since you’re basing your whole report on [quote_id] key column.

Workflow 1 - “Only New Quotes” - we use the [quote_id] from the new entry in the Quote MASTER (Quote Header) table – Should trigger on ADDS_ONLY

Workflow 2 - “Quote Updates” - we use the [quote_id] from the new entry in the Quote STATUS (Activity) table. – Should trigger on ADDS_ONLY

Hope this makes sense and i’m not missing any beats anywhere :slight_smile:

Thanks Jon, I was able to get the Workflow 1 email (in your note above) to fire successfully and have implemented it with the client. Two out of 9 new records did not generate a quote as expected.

Workflow1 for new quotes only, triggers on ADDS_ONLY and fires when there’s a new record in the Activity (STATUS) table.

Workflow2 for updates only, triggers on UPDATES_ONLY and fires when the “Send Quote” field is set to yes.

I was hoping actions that create new records to another table were more reliable than the field update actions I originally started with. It appears the create_activity record action at On Save of the form, didn’t fire so a record was never posted to the Activity table to fire workflow 1.