New Bug Encountered: Actions Missing (Within the past 24 hours and no changes were made)

Hi All,

It seems that within the past 24 hours something has happened to make some actions not evaluate their “Only if this condition is true” behavior correctly. This might only be related to virtual columns. For example, I have an action that checks to see if a virtual column is evaluating as TRUE. I can test the column and make sure that it is evaluating true, but if I tell the action to use that column it remains hidden.

I have this issue happening in at least 2 different apps and we don’t think that we’ve made any changes that would have caused this. I would be happy to send additional information if requested. This is a major issue for some of our apps.

Please contact directly for help with this.

I had the same problem, but now is working fine. Maybe just wait a little more…

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