New Bug Encountered:Add action for table will not turn off when view is changed

(Dan Kunzer) #1

Why all of a sudden is the add a row for one table staying when another table view is opened?
This just started yesterday.
I did not modify the behavior for the action.
This is not good.

(Dan Kunzer) #2

This only happens when switching to a view where there is a definition for the behavior for actions in the current view that shows false. The actual action for the view is not displayed, which is good, but the action from the previous default view is shown. Not good…

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Are you able to take a small GIF video about it?

(Dan Kunzer) #4

No GIF needed.
For instance I have two tables. One is called Entries. It has unlimited number of rows that can be added. Then I have a table called Accounts, that is limited. I allow 5 accounts max. So in the action for the add to the table accounts, I used the formula …IF(COUNT(Accounts[Show])<5,true,false)
The result of this formula removes the add a row for the account tables.
Now if I go to my default table which is Entries, the plus action is always there because it adds unlimited rows. If I switch views from Entries to Accounts, th plus is still there. If I click on it, even though my view is Accounts, it wants to add a row to Entries, even though I am no longer on that view.
If I hit Go Back … then the plus disappears and I am back to normal.
This only happens due to the formula I put in.

(David Joyce) #5

Im experiencing the exact same bug. At first I thought it was something in the app I am currently working on, but I checked different apps I have, that havent been modified in weeks, and they are showing the same symptom.

This was raised as bug earlier by @Jonathon_Sinclair. He even added a video!

Add button appears on read only table

(Dan Kunzer) #6

Exactly a new unfriendly bug. something in the code just changed and is causing unexpected results.

(Dan Kunzer) #7

Bottom line, this new issue needs to be corrected. When the view changes, the actions for that view need to go away. Only corresponding actions and views are necessary unless directed intentionally.

Reza Raoofi >>> Can you look into this?

(Aleksi Alkio) #8

That video link helped from that other post. It should be fixed today’s update later today.

(Dan Kunzer) #9

This is fixed thank you!