New Bug Encountered: Add New value only in uppercase for NUMLIST type

Hi, everyone.
I am using a column [category] and is ENUM type.

And Allow other values, is some way to secure that if the user add a new value is in uppercase letter.
With other columns i use this valid_if expression IF( FIND(UPPER([_THIS]), [_THIS])=0, FALSE , TRUE) and it works.

You can use Valid_If here, too.

I use it but does not work , if i add in the list a value that is not on uppercase not make the user to change it.

Hello @Sebastian_Munoz_Mart , welcome to the community !

Instead of asking your users to write in uppercase, why don’t you create another column that converts their input to uppercase using the UPPER() function?


THis solution is always abosolutely making sense to me.
Just present the original physical column for date entry, only at FORM View to the users, but hide the same from other view. Just present the VC which converts the value of the original column (convert to upper caese, lowercase whatsoever) on other type of views.
I do that here and there in my apps.


thanks for the help