New Bug Encountered: Advance forms automatically not working with Form Saved Action

I’ve enabled “Advance forms automatically”.
In my form the first column is a Barcode Scanner.
I have a LINKTOFORM() Action to open this form.

When I fire the action via a button, the Scanner opens automatically.
When I set the same action to the Form Saved Event, the Scanner does not open automatically.

I’m not able to use “Auto re-open” in the form, because I have to use a condition in the LINKTOFORM() Action to tell AppSheet how often the form should reopen.


Hi Guys,

@Steve I am having the same issue. Some times it works and other it does not. I have a similar setup as @Fabian. Any suggestions?

This sounds like a bug. Please contact for help.

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Adding @Adam @Harry
Till now solution from AppSheet Support.

Seems to be related to this topic:

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Hi @James_McFarlane Did you find any solution?

Hi @Fabian,

I tried different actions but in the end did not get desired result sent email to support they looked at my app but he said it had to be escalated to the development team. Never got answer, in the end NOPE.

So you didn’t get an answer? Or you did, and it was no?

I did not get an answer.

Me, too. The last response was from @Aleksi on 4th Maj saying:

Thanks Fabian, I will assign this to our developers for debugging.

I’ll see if I can poke someone.


Here is the answer from @Adam

Auto advance forms was meant to be a small usability optimization to reduce the number of clicks for the end user filling out a form. I don’t think we can guarantee it will always work to enable these complex scenarios involving its intersection with other behaviors. But if we can reproduce the problem easily and there’s an obvious solution, we can try to address it.

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