New Bug Encountered: Advance forms automatically Not working

I’ve enabled Advance forms automatically.
My first column is [NFC1] and it is set to required. When I open the form, the NFC Scanner is active and I can scan the NCF chip. Perfekt!
When I edit the form, the first column [NFC1] will be hidden. Instead of that I see the second column [NFC2]. This one is also required. But the NFC scanner will not be active. I have to press the NFC-sign first.

Is this a bug, or is “Advance forms automatically” not working in form while editing?

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My App is TimeTracking-622224

Adding @Adam to investigate further

Hi @Fabian, I was unable to debug the app due to firewall restrictions of the source database. Please make sure all of the IPs in this article have been whitelisted:

Sorry @Adam. Could you try it again? We have added the IP addresses.

Hi Adam. Did you have the opportunity to look at my App?

@Fabian Hi Fabian, @Adam is currently on vacation, but he will look into this as soon as he gets back.

@Harry @adam
We would like to start using the App next week. Can you take a look at this “Bug”?

Focusing the first entry in the form was an older behavior that predated “advance forms automatically” and doesn’t depend on it. But it looks like it was applied specifically to adding new rows and not to edits. I think we supposed that in an add you are more likely to be going through the whole form in sequence, while in an edit you are usually intending just to update one or more specific columns and there’s generally no reason to assume the first field is one of them.

But this is an odd case where you have an existing row with a blank required field, and at that point it’s obvious the user will need to update it even in an edit. So I think we can apply the autofocus in that situation. Look for that to take effect within a day or two @Fabian.

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Thank you very much @Adam.
It’s working :blush:

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@Adam Hi Adam. I found another potential Bug relating the Advance forms automatically.
In a Form that has it’s Child Inline I can add a Child. My first Column is a dropdown and it should open immediately. But it doesn’t.

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@Harry @Adam Any input?

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Adding @Aleksi

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@Fabian Thanks, I will forward this question to our developers.


Hello, i have the same problem.

Hello, I am having problems with the Advance forms function automatically, in my “MC” application, when I open a form view the first field is a drop-down list and it does not open automatically.
If I do the same in a new app of the same account, it does show the drop-down list automatically.
The prblem is in my app “MC” :frowning_face:

Could you help me with this?


********************************** SOLUTION ****************************************

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@Adam @Aleksi This is working now with my Test App (the one seen in the Video) but not in my real Apps.
Did I miss something?
For example in the App Wartungsliste_Test-38452-651676
When you are in “Objekte” and add a new row, you can add a new child “Ansprechpartner”. This brings you to a form and the first column is a dropdown that should open automatically. But it doesn’t.
Thank you for your help :grinning:

@Fabian I tested your app and for me the dropdown opens automatically when the form is opened. I tested this with the emulator.

Sorry you are right. I think yesterday it was not working, but perhaps I was wrong. For now it is working and I’m very happy about it :grinning:

But in my other App it still doesn’t work.

In the User Settings please choose “Montage” in the [Department] column.
In the View DASHBOARD you open RECORDS and add a new Row.
In [Serial Number] please write “12345678”.
In [Is the vehicle in order?] please tap NO.
This brings you to the DEFECTS Tab and you can click NEW to add a child.
The first column [Assignment] is a dropdown, set as required. It should open automatically. But it doesn’t.

Unfortunately I can’t add any record because of the table’s definition.

Hi @Aleksi Do you know of any solution for this problem?

In a Form that has it’s Child Inline I can add a Child. My first Column is a dropdown and it should open immediately. But it doesn’t.

I have the same problem.