New Bug Encountered: app adding same records twice

we have an app that is some how syncing twice for the same records(adds). the key for these records is the timestamp, down to the seconds, it is virtually impossible to have the same key twice, and we are seeing them separated by some amount of time(5 min, 20 min, etc). attached is a screen shot from my docs revision history. this is one example and this has happened at least 3 or 4 times in two or three days.

. these records are added from multiple devices, but only one device per “zone”. i havent been able to catch a device in the act (for obvious reasons) but any insights as to HOW this might be happening would be greatly appreciated. i dont know where to begin trouble shooting this.

i wonder if someone will get to see this? or if it will just die away in internet obscurity. we continue to have this issue, and deleting a couple or these a day from the sheet is becoming tedious, not to mention risky

I would start by looking at the Audit History. It can tell you who is submitting the records and whether any errors were reported.

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