New Bug Encountered: App Failed to Load on Chrome only, 1 user affected, others fine

(Crprocone Cr) #1

Hi, I have a user who consistently has a fault when attempting to load apps on Chrome - yet has no problem on Firefox or other browsers. Chrome is our preference, as it displays quicker and faster.

Note that this user used to have no problems, and does not tweak settings, so something has probably changed with Appsheet or Chrome. We have erased all history and even uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome to no avail.

The user is on Win7 Pro, - but I have other users with no problems on 7, 8 and Win10.

Here’s a link to a 45 second video of the problem showing the exact same link working fine for Firefox, and failing in Chrome. Note that at 39 seconds the app loads, and at 40 it immediately fails. This shows the error with app but note that the error also occurs on other apps.

I hope this makes enough sense. Best regards, Kerry (note we are in NZ, with GMT+12 DST).

(Steve Coile) #2

What happens if you navigate from the app gallery, rather than cutting and pasting a deep link?

(Crprocone Cr) #3

Hi, here’s a ~2min recording of a fair bit of clicking around. From Gallery some apps work, but launcher style apps don’t.

(Crprocone Cr) #4

Ok, pretty sure this is related to caching in Chrome. Found that running in Incognito mode (no caching) that the problem ‘goes away’. Note that this is not my preferred solution - but hopefully this clue can help you guys make Appsheet more bulletproof against Chrome idiosyncrasies?

(Crprocone Cr) #5

Well I’ve had no further help from you guys? For now I have changed the App settings for Offline/Sync. I have disabled both “The app can start when offline” and the “Store content for offline use” - with a custom launcher for that one user only - as this is clearly causing him problems. A bit sucky, but it gets us over the line and back to working on better things.