New Bug Encountered: App transfer failed

I have played around under my personal office account for a while (and liked it very much) and the company has given me a technical account now ( I wanted to transfer the created app to the official account but got an error. Why is this?


Can you please contact

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Thanks. I did so.

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Found my problem:

on a dual screen PC

  • I open chrome on the left side, logged in with “…”

  • I open chrome on the right side, logged in with “de.appshe…”

on the left chrome I tried to transfer ownership to the new user but of course the logged on credentials changed ALSO on the left Chrome.

I thought I was logged on with TWO users but in fact I was only logged on with the new user on BOTH Chromes

I logged off, did the transfer only in ONE Chrome and in the correct account and - e voila - it works.

Does this make sense ?




It does indeed! :slight_smile:

unhandy though - the “transfer” Process dosn’t copy the G-Sheet that holds the data and updates the reference to it. Instead the transferred project complains about “Data File not found”.

I have to …

  • share the sheet to the new user (now the app is in the new account and the reference to the data in the old account - kind of mixed mode)

  • create a local copy of the entire project incl. data copy

  • delete the original project (with the data reference to the old account)

  • remove the share from the old G-Sheet

this is not truly intuitive and - as a wish - during transfer ask “Copy G-Sheet with data as well”)

But fair enough as this is not an allday task :wink:



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