New Bug Encountered: Apps appear to sync while user is entering data

I have what appears to be an uncommon problem where some of my apps appear to sync while a user is in the middle of entering data in a form view. The strange thing is that the sync doesn’t actually seem to save any changes, it just jumps to the sync screen, causing the user to lose their partially entered form data, and then returns them to the previous screen. Any pending changes as shown in the top right corner remain pending, and the partially entered form data is lost. Does anyone have any insight on what could be causing this? It’s happening in at least a couple of different apps and on several different iPads. We have never experienced the issue on a PC, only on iPads.

Video Example, sync issue at about 1:30
Any help would be greatly appreciated. This has been happening for a while now and I have not been able to figure out a way to troubleshoot it.

Edit: I’m told it is also happening when browsing through detail views and is not necessarily limited to form views.

Edit #2: I added a video example, also, it looks like maybe the app is crashing and not actually syncing? It says that the app is starting up.

Interesting. It seemed to happen when you tapped the Save button but only after several entries were successfully made. By any chance have you coded anything that forces a Sync? If so, could it be that you have entered criteria that activates that forced synce?

I’ve never deliberately added a formula that would force a sync, I only recently became aware that was even possible. None of the changes appear to be saved after the “fake sync” or “crash” or whatever is happening, so I don’t think it’s from a particular formula or action that would be forcing a conventional sync. It also only happens on the iPads and never on the computer/browser. It’s the strangest thing.

That is strange. I do have an iPad but only use it occasionally to confirm screen layouts and such. Maybe I should start using as my primary testing device to see if it happens to me as well.

Does it always seem to happen right after tapping Save or does it happen more randomly?

Also, if none of the changes are saved maybe an attempt to perform a background sync is causing the problem. Are you able to ever get ANY changes saved from the iPad device - even in other Forms?

It definitely happens randomly, not always when hitting the save button. Sometimes it can happen within 2-3 minutes of each other. I’m not sure if a background sync could be the cause or not. They are able to save changes whenever the glitch doesn’t happen. Saving forms, pressing the sync button normally, etc.

I think this is what’s happening:
You are tapping 2 times on the SAVE Button. First time it is taking the save. Second time it is taking the Sync. Why? Because in the past the Sync Button was at the Bottom.
Even though the Sync button is no more visible at the Bottom, it still seems to be there.

Adding @Adam @morgan @Gil how were helping me with this Bug.

This is actually very frustrating. We have developed long forms that require lots of long text field summary entries. In the middle of our technicians entering their long text, the app starts to sync automatically, and loses their entered data.

I’m looking at this section in the settings as being the culprit, so I have disabled this function. Anyone else figured this as being the problem source?

@Aleksi this issue is happening to me as well

Are you using iPads? I believe we discovered the cause of this issue to be the app crashing due to limited RAM available on iPads, combined with tables that had too many thousands of rows. We saw an immediate improvement by using more security filters.


No, but we are on iPhone 6s & 7. After deactivating the Automatic Updates, this issue is no longer being reported form the fleet.