New Bug Encountered:AppSheet seems to be ignoring date format and locale of dates in source data

Hi folks

After many hours of troubleshooting, it seems that AppSheet is ignoring the local and date format of source data when processing data.

I am building an app which needs to import data from an external system. Several columns in this data are Dates. The Google Sheets underpinning the app areboth set for Locale = Australia. The locale for the source and target tables in AppSheet have Locale = Australia.The Date columns in Google Sheets have formatted as “dd mmm yyyy”.

Problem statement:
I have an Action to read the data from one table, and paste it into another (using “Data: set the values of some solumns in this row”). When the Action reads a date “10 May 2019”, it works fine, and the date in the target table seems to be shown as “10 May 2019”. When it reads a date “21 May 2019”, it throws an “invalid Date” error. If I change the date from “21 May 2019” to “2 May 2019”, the amended date is transferred correctly (but the data is obviously incorrect).

Attempted solutions:
I have tried:

  • various date formats in the Google Sheets
  • using "TEXT([date field], “dd/mm/yyyy”) in the Action
  • changing the Locale settings for the spreadsheets and associated AppSheet tables

I have reverted the schema for the Date fields in both tables to Text type for the time being.

Any suggestions are welcome!