New Bug Encountered: Appsheet turns to black screen after long pressed an image

I’ve created an app and it’s running on an iPhone 12Pro (iOS 14.3)

In one of my table, there is a column with Image as a type. I can click on camera icon to take a phone and store on to Google Drive.

However, if I long press on the image and click on Share… / Add to Photos or Copy button, the Appsheet will turn to black. I have to close Appsheet and start again.

The use case here is for users to be able to save the image, on to their devices or enlarge the image for a clearer view.

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I escalated this and the developers have reproduced the problem. So they know about it. Don’t know how long it will take to fix. Sounds like the long-press is not an intentional feature of AppSheet.

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Thank you, Steve, for your kind reply. - I have read a lot about your FAQ & Instructions
Understand long press an image may not be a common intentional feature in Appsheet.
However, I see there is a lot of demands for enlarging an Image when people [short] press, and potentially save it to their own device.

I see there may be a workaround to have an Image Column, then a displayed Image Column combo. However, it takes away the ‘clear’ function, if the people would like to update the Image - I still can code another Action as a further workaround. but it is not scalable for a table containing multiple images.

Again, thank you Steve for taking your time.

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