New Bug Encountered: Auto-reopen form fails when data model is a single column of type "image"

Steps to repro:

  1. copy this app, courtesy of @tsuji_koichi :slight_smile:

  1. note data model which has one single column visible, of type image.

  2. note Photo Test_Form view is set to auto re-open

  3. deploy app in order to test on mobile

  4. create a new record and take a picture, then select it - at this point it should reopen the input form.

  5. on iOS the form does not auto-reopen - instead it takes you back to the table view (where it also shows a missing image icon until the image is uploaded a few seconds later, minor annoyance and separate issue)

  6. on web/desktop/chrome, if you do a file upload, the image uploads and the form is correctly re-opened.


Thank you Ty,

End of last year, i raised support ticket officially and waiting for the response to it.
This is obviously a bug.