New Bug Encountered: Automatic Logout of Google

So most of the users on my app (maybe all but they don’t tell me) were automatically logged out of Google and were forced to login. This normally wouldn’t be an issue but a lot of my users barely know how to use a phone so this has been quite a hassle.

That’s totally related with the latest GDPR and security update of Google. Provided you logged into your google account left it idle for a time-frame, Google automatically kicks you out from the server to preserve data integrity.

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I’m very interested in this because I have been anticipating problems due to device sharing among my users.
This happens when a user uses a borrowed phone, for instance, to temporarily login to his account.
My concern has been that the unauthorized phone owner could then later be automatically logged into the account creating a massive data breach.
If I understand your explanation above correctly, then I don’t have anything to worry about as the user would be forced to login again.
Kindly confirm that I understand this right.
I’d appreciate any other tips to deal with access through borrowed phones.
Cheers and thanks.