New Bug Encountered: Automatic revisions

I have created a few apps and have a little experience here, but I have been having this issue multiple times across multiple apps.


I have created all of my apps from google forms. When i run an app and submit a new entry I see errors when syncing the data to the sheet. I have been able to edit the app to allow the correct inputs, but through testing and revisions i find that appsheet will revert to settings or inputs from the original version of the application. The application will revert just by opening the editor page or so it seems. No column regeneration, previous version running, or anything. Just random. Some of the applications have quite a few edits( Column type, allowed values, formulas, etc.). Continuously reediting these have become tedious.

Does anyone have a similar problem? If so could you tell me how to fix it or if it is a known issue that is being worked on.

I didn’t have the similar problem like that, but I did realized that when we create a multiple choice with google form, create the connecting google sheet, then we use the add-on to generate the appsheet app, actually Appsheet is connecting to Google sheet, and not the form anymore.
So when initially, there are several multiple choice in the Form, Appsheet will then just create a list of enum.

Editing the multiple choice in the form, will not make AppSheet to edit the list of enum. Even after regenerate structure in AppSheet.

Deleting the enum in the editor and adding a new enum will work only if we don’t regenerate structure. When we regenerate structure after changing the enum, AppSheet will revert back to the original list of enum as initially created since that is the list of enum being specified by the Google sheet connecting to AppSheet.

I have realized that as well and made adjustments to the apps list directly without regenerating the column structure. The problem is after saving a few versions or making a few edits to other portions the values appear to revert to original values automatically or settings for that matter. One of the settings i remember specifically is switching a question to an image so a photo can be taken. I’ve noticed it will switch randomly back to REF.

Maybe others will contribute to this discussion in addition to my suggestion below:

  1. For an App that would probably be edits or upgrade or enhanced with more AppSheet capability, better to have it connect directly to Google Sheet.

  2. If you really-really-really want to edit an apps that was previously auto generated from a google form like your case here, you must also to edit the notes on google sheet header. See below snapshot where we can change the list of enum. If we change the EnumValues parameter, the apps will update to the new list upon regenerate structure.
    Similar also to other item we would like to change/update, and this is the reason that as if it switch back to original since the original has never been updated.

That might work. i will test this and let you know if it is the issue. I would have thought that the app definitions would be absolute but maybe not.