New Bug Encountered: Blank Screen on Redirect to Microsoft Organization Sign On Page

When signing in to AppSheet, my corporate users click Microsoft. At the Microsoft sign-in screen, they enter a corporate email address and click Next. This should redirect them to the organization’s log in page. Instead, we get a blank screen.

  • This happens for the Android and IOS AppSheet apps.
  • My users can authenticate to Google accounts without issue.
  • If the app runs in a browser on Windows/IOS/Android the redirect is successful and they are able to sign in.
  • We are able to sign into another Azure Active directory tenant that does a redirect. This probably redirects to a Microsoft-created sign in page.

So, whatever AppSheet is using to display the login pages and handle the chain of events (redirects or whatever is going on) can’t handle our organization’s custom sign-in page. Desktop and mobile browsers appear to handle it okay.

Has anybody had similar issues? Any workarounds? The answer might be for our corporate IT to “fix” the custom sign in page. If so then they are going to have to know what’s going on with AppSheet and what it can and cannot handle.

This issue will prevent us from using company accounts for AppSheet, which is going to be a big governance issue and possibly a deal breaker for AppSheet.

Please contact for help with this.