New Bug Encountered: business functions can be accessed without signing up for plan

Appsheet allows you to connect to test features of a business plan and provides no way to upgrade to the business plan. Appsheet then does not provide any account support to get you account and apps working. It’s stopped a core business process that is based on the app. Unacceptable.

Apologies if you had a core process that was impacted by this! While we don’t currently have a way to manually upgrade to the Business plan, your Google and/or AppSheet sales reps can help you do so.

I’ve sent you an email to schedule some time for us to chat this week.

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No worries William - it’s just sod’s law that it happened at a critical time :slight_smile:

Thanks for making time to chat.



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Hey @William, after you’ve had a chance to talk with @Mark_O_Keefe, do you mind posting back here to this thread to clarify what you’ve learned.

AFAIK and by design for the last many years, AppSheet accounts do not get blocked when you test features of an advanced plan.
*) Prototypes can use any features.
*) If deployed apps use features that are not supported in the current plan, there is an account alert that sends many emails and warnings over a period of at least 10 days. During this period of time, the apps are not blocked.
*) If those features are removed from the apps in question, the account goes back to being in a healthy state

As a principle, an account should be blocked only as a last resort if the various alerts are not responded to.

It would be good to understand if this somehow did not occur in Mark’s case — if so, it would be a regression that we’d want to address immediately. Thanks