New Bug Encountered: Calendar View Issue

In working with the calendar view, I have found that the view does not include the end date under the colored bar. This has been reported by many people. In digging a little deeper I have found that the “Start Time”, and “End Time” View Options do not allow the choice of “Time” types of fields but rather only allow “Date” or “DateTime” types of fields. There are many people that do not want to have to have users select a time when the event is added, so we can add the additional fields that auto-populates an early time for start, and a late time for end, but we cannot select those fields as “Start Time” or “End Time”.

Please fix this soon. This issue goes back over years from what I see in the community questions.

As a side note, the “Event Calendar” sample app has a calendar view that works appropriately. It has the Start Time and End Time slots selected on fields that are time based, so I am unsure why we cannot do the same.

Correction, It will allow Time based cells to be used, but they MUST be visible. I do not wish to have them shown as we do not use them. But if I do not have them visible so that I can use them then the calendar bar does not cover the end date.

A Date value of (for instance 2/5/2021) is equivalent to midnight of that date (i.e., 2/5/2021 00:00:00). To cover that last day, either add one to the Date value, or add a Duration of 024:00:00 to the DateTime value.