New Bug Encountered: Cannot add new tables into apps I am a co-authored of

I have been building an app, as a co-author, over the past several months. I last added a table to it last week.

Today when I attempt to add a new table I get the dialog window shown below. Clicking the plus button allows me to choose the platform to to add the data source from and re-authenticates me but then it simply reloads the app with no ability to choose the new table.

I have the same issue with at least one other co-author app but apps in my personal account seem to be fine.

In case it makes a difference, I did transfer ownership of an app from my personal account to another account owner. I notice that app shows up on my co-author list. I thought that was strange but it’s possible the other account owner may have made me a co-author right away.

Sending email to support as well.

Dialog shown immediately after clicking the “New Table” button

After clicking the “plus” button, I am presented with a list of platforms to add a data source


Developers were aware even before this post. :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you! I hope they fix soon. I am not yet blocked but I see that I could be soon.

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I am officially blocked on one of my co-author apps. I had 3 new tables to add and started using the add table suggestions to get them into the app. BUT, I accidently closed the one for the most important table. I cannot seem to get the suggestion box back - even after logging out and clearing cached data.

I have sent support this information.

If someone knows how to get the suggestion box back or another workaround to add a new table - I’m all ears!!

Do you have access to edit the sheet itself? Perhaps if you change the table name to something else, the suggestion to add the table will come back after the next editor refresh.

You might even be able to change the name back to the original name with a second edit, and get the original suggestion to come back. Not sure on that part, since you’ve already dismissed it once. But I’m pretty sure a new table name will make the suggestion come back.

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Thanks! I was able to get the table added this way. However, a simple rename and refresh wasn’t enough.

What I needed to do was rename the sheet and then go through the bogus “Add Table” function to get it to refresh.

Playing with it more afterwards, I sometimes needed to refresh in this manner several times before the suggestion box appeared. I’m not sure if it’s more of an AppSheet timing thing or not, e.g. wait 10 minutes after rename and then refresh.

Bottom line, after changing the sheet name you may need to refresh multiple times before the add table suggestion box reappears.