New Bug Encountered: Cannot change background image and launch image

I cannot change background and launch images from google drive. I choose option “custom”. Then I have to click on the right blue icon that should open google drive. This does not work.
I can copy/paste a new link, but I would like to upload an image from drive. This worked before but now it doesn’t. I can change it to the normal templates.
I restarted my laptop a few times. No result.
I changed browsers. I worked in Firefox, but also in Chrome it doesn’t work.
What is going wrong?

Arthur Wildeboer

I face the same issue. It was working earlier.

Yep, same here.

Escalated by @Aleksi.

This a known problem and a fix is in the works.

Thank you Steve. Please let us know when this will be fixed.

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I promise my client that the icon will be changed. Need to hand over the app within 2 hours. Any way around to do that like put the shareable link from my google drive?

Please contact for help with this.

I think this is working now. I just changed my launch image a few hours back

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