New Bug Encountered: Cannot copy Events Calendar

I have attempted several times to copy the Events Calendar App. I keep getting the same error… image
I like the premise of the app and want to manipulate it to fit my needs.

I have compared the table setups and they appear to be the same, but my copy has an error:

What is this?

Hi David,

The copy error is a warning that the Events table is using the row number as the row’s key, which is not recommended. You can read more about keys here and why UNIQUEID() is the recommended type of key:

We’ll have to look into why there was an error cloning the app and why it ended up in this state. From the error message is looks like the slice “Seattle Events” wasn’t copied. Maybe you can try creating that slice for the time being and see if it works?


Hi @David_Wolfe
Check your my apps and see if it is there. Sometimes when you get an error that it hasn’t copied it is incorrect and it has copied. You may then have to check the workflows for an error. If you are still having trouble I may have a copy of that app without errors. Or maybe contact


I can’t check this at the moment but is there a bug when copying apps that may have an error. This seems to give you an error that the app can’t be copied when in fact it has been copied. Sometimes you can’t fix the error until you have copied the app so need to be able to copy it and then fix the error.


The thing is that the sample app has it setup the same way for the key, and I did not see an error there.

Hi @David_Wolfe
Did the app copy to your account?
I think the problem is that the sample app is an old one that has not been updated and due to changes to appsheet since it was created it now shows errors when copied and opened in the updated editor. Some old samples used row numbers as keys which now throws an error or is it just a warning.


The app is there but there is a file error. There is a screen shot of the error above.

Hi @David_Wolfe
I have made a copy and updated it with Unique ID key, and a few other tweeks to get it to work for me. I also removed some of the data and the workflow. You can check it out in my demo apps portfolio. Hope it may be useful to you. My demos are here. You can copy it to your account to use.