New Bug Encountered: can't add app shortcut on iphone

I am currently unable to use the app install link to create a shortcut on an iphone running ios 14.3.
I have several shortcuts installed previously for my other apps.
A screenshot of the webpage that loads using my app shortcut is included.

I’ve looked at past reported issues on this topic but not found anything relevant to my issue.
Does anyone have any thoughts here?


Forgot to add.
I tried the add shortcut option in the hamburger menu once i opened the app but that did not add the shortcut - I just got a gray screen.

Please contact for help with this.

Hi, the recommended way to create a shortcut is to to indeed use the hamburger menu. This should open up a page in Safari prompting you to add a shortcut to the home screen. I am not able to repro any issue with this on iOS 14.4. Would you be able to take a video if you are still experiencing the issue on iOS 14.4?


I’m having the same issue with two iPhone users. I’ve gone through all the steps mentioned in the tread with no success. If there is a fix can someone please post so we can avoid waiting for Support?

My users still cannot add a shortcut. At Steve’s advice I sent a request to AppSheet support. After many back and forth clarifications they gave this final answer, totally unsatisfactory!

“Unfortunately in-app menu is the only way to create a shortcut now. The link from the email is only intended to help install the app. Let me know if you have further questions.”

Really?? This says AppSheets normal way to create a shortcut on installation does not work?? I need to hide the menu in ny app, but I tested their method and this and it doesn’t not work!!!

Have you pulled the plug on Apple products completely???


This thread reports the same problem.

Any update on this issue?

As I understand and experience on iOS, only a single app can be run on the iOS device through the AppSheet app. To load a different app, the AppSheet app is deleted from the device, reinstalled, and another app selected.

I’m new to AppSheet so I may be missing something.

I was able to create home screen icons from the in app hamburger menu – once I changed the show menu option within the my apps.

You can have more than 1 appsheet app on a device if you use the shortcuts.
If you try to use the Appsheet app directly to access your appsheet apps then you will only be able to access 1 app.

I spent most of the afternoon trying to unravel this.

Part of the issue is that chrome browser no longer has “install to home screen” as an option. (on iphone x w 14.6).

But if you

  1. click “Add Shortcut” from within the Hamburger
  2. go to the blank appsheet webpage (which loads chrome)
  3. then copy the url.
  4. open safari and paste URL
  5. now you can “add to home screen”

Now to get my users to follow these instructions.

Just a thought.
If the shortcut link is the same for every user of an app then maybe I can share the link w the users via email (after they have installed the Appsheet app).

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