New Bug Encountered:Cant Log in with google

Getting error trying to login to my account with google,

Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app

This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In.

logging into the support portal with google worked fine, just cant login to the appsheet portal…

Hi, please see this post that describes the problem and how to fix it.

We have tried the suggested interim approach, however, the error persisted when attempts were made to log in to the account with google. Is there any other way around it?

Please logout from your accounts, clear your default browser’s cache and then try to login again.

I tried this solution - but it still doesn’t let me log in.

What is the reason for this ?
and why are we unable to use the service ?

@Chitkaran_Singh Would you please send an email to support@appsheet,com, thanks.

Just to be clear, did you follow the suggestion to “Remove Access”?

I know that in some users they were reluctant to actually perform this step as it didn’t really make sense compared to the error message.

But this will actually resolve the issue. Basically, it removes the CURRENT authentication and then re-establishes NEW authentication to AppSheet from Google services.

Good luck!!