New Bug Encountered: Can't see editor's tabs


Since the new Save button has been added, I can’t see the tabs in the upper part of the screen (see image), so I can’t work with appsheet at all :slightly_frowning_face:

Only my problem? What can I do to solve it?
Thanks in advance

Some details about the problem:

I can see the tabs when I start editing an app, but when I click on any element (table, view…) the tabs disappear and I can’t see them any more.

Possibly related. For the last few days (which may coincide with the new buttons to open the App in full screen), the tabs are now vertically very narrow. Also you can see that they seem so be a bit too high by default - I can’t scroll higher than this. I’m using chrome.

You should now be able to scroll up and see the missing tabs. We’re working on the issue that causes the editor to scroll in the first place.


Thank you. Now it’s working fine.

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