New Bug Encountered: Card View/photo layout

Hi there! Suddenly, my card view/photo layout stopped showing data. If I change the layout (list, backdrop, large) it shows data. I realized that the problem happens if “On Click” is set to “Go to app link ()”. If “On Click” is set to “Go to details” it shows data in the app. If I set “On Click” to “Go to app link” is doesn’t show data. It was working properly until today.

There is a problem with the app link. I realized that is not showing on the large layout as well

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Hi Bernard, thanks for the heads-up, I’ve observed this as well. The team is investigating.


thanks @Peter

Hey @Bernard_Barbarisi, I fixed this issue and it should be available tomorrow when we deploy. Please check your app again tomorrow by the end of the day and let me know if the problem remains.

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Thanks @morgan! I’ll let you know.

Hi @morgan! Unfortunately, the bug persists. I created an action to navigate to other apps (APP[id]).
It works on card views properly. However, the native (system) solution “Go to Ap Link (<<[column]>>)” is still not working.

This expression:


should instead be:


See also:

Hi @Steve. Thanks for your help. I don’t know if I made myself clear, but the action created by me is working. The bug is related to the system action created when you select “app” column type. All my card views from all my apps stopped showing data just because it was using the system action “Go to App Link ()”. If I remove this action from card view, it works. If I use my own action to navigate to another app, it works. There is still a bug that must be fixed. Meanwhile, I can only use the actions created by me.

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Okay, so it’s specifically a card view problem. That’s @morgan’s domain, so I’ll leave it to him.

thanks @steve

Hey @Bernard_Barbarisi - we had some delays in deploying, so this issue is still there, but a fix should be out shortly (end of today or end of tomorrow ideally). I’ll post to this thread once the fix is deployed. Thanks for your patience.

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Awesome @morgan! Thanks for the update. Fortunately, there are some options that can be used for a while (New Bug Encountered: Card View/photo layout or New Bug Encountered: Card View/photo layout).