New Bug Encountered: Card View Ref Lists - Navigation does not use correct view breadcrumbs to return

First, in the past, I have been told that showing Ref lists on the Card View instead of the main image is not supported. However, since Ref lists are still selectable instead of an image AND since it looks like that column alignment has been corrected (was unusable in past), I’m going to assume that Ref list are now supported in the Card View in place of the main image. (see example below).

The navigation problem is fairly straight-forward. In the view below, when I select one of the rows in the inline table, the Detail view of that row is displayed as expected. However, when I click the back arrow, the view changes to the Detail view of the row represented by the Card instead of simply returning back to the original Card View. Then I must click the back arrow again to return to the original Card View. I.e. there is an extra unexpected view shown when attempting to return.

Original state of Card View showing Inline Table instead of image

Click on the Team #1 row in the inline table navigates to the expected Detail View

Clicking the back arrow presents the unexpected Detail View of the Card row item - expectation was to return to original Card View

Another click of the back arrow returns to the Card View

So it seems that the column width problem when using Related items in a Card view is NOT fixed. The data in my examples above were too short and it made it seem it had been addressed. Below is an example of how the columns look when long text is involved.

If we can just get this column width issue fixed and the navigation problem mentioned above, having this ability in the Card View would be awesome (ditto for Deck view)!! They surely are not that difficult to address.