New Bug Encountered:Centering of Map Pins

I think I’m dealing with a bug and not an issue with my app config. When only one report is mapped the map is centered on my current location and not the location of the report. When 2 or more reports are made the map will center on the reports and not my current location.

Is this theory true or could I have an config issue in my app?

Bob Haizmann

Hi! I think we might need more details to help.

Maybe I just haven’t encountered it yet but what do you mean by “report is mapped”? What is the report?

When you say “2 or more reports are made”, does this mean displaying 2 maps in a Dashboard?

Some images might also be helpful.

I don’t want to post my map views because the map is showing my home location…by error…and that’s the bug. Let me clarify.

When a report (a row in the database including GPS location) is made, a pin is added to Map view. I use slices each of which has its own map view. When a slice contains 2 or map pins the map view centers correctly on those pins. When a slice contains only 1 pin the map centers, not on the pin as it should, but on my current location.

John, can you help me?

Sorry, I missed your post from 6 days ago. I think I understand your issue. I’ll take a look at what I have and see if I can help.

Ok, so I took a look and I am seeing the same issue you are. I agree it is a bug.

In the Map view you have the capability of “hiding” the current location by setting Location Mode to “None”. But the map still centers on the current location when there is only a single data pin in the map. When Location Mode is “on”, the map probably should center on current location BUT initially should zoom appropriately to show ALL pins in the display. This doesn’t happen either with a single data pin.

The only way I can think of working around this issue, is to detect when there is only a single pin and open the Map view with that row already selected.

If you look at the system generated Inline Action, it uses a target formulated like this:

CONCATENATE("#page=map&table=WorkOrders&mapcolumn=Customer%20Address&row=", ENCODEURL([_THISROW]))

It might be possible to insert code to redirect the view in some way, when there is only a single address, to go to the same place. Though, I am not completely sure how to do that at the moment.

Thanks for investigating. My app has many maps based on many slices to subset various problems in the forest. Even if this could be solved with the Inline Action code I wouldn’t want to support this kind of customization.

How should we proceed? Should I email this as a bug directly to AppSheet support?


You already have it tagged as a bug but if you feel it needs more immediate attention then email

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Hi @Fof_Webmaster @WillowMobileSystems, thanks for reporting the problem. This appears to be a mistake in the precedence given to current location when choosing a default center location. A fix should take effect early next week.

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Thanks for fixing this issue so quickly!