New Bug Encountered: Change the amount via an Action

I have a column [Menge] and created two actions to add or to subtract 1 from [Menge].
So Action “+” = [Menge] + 1
And Action “-” = [Menge] - 1
I attached these Actions to an empty VC column.
It is working fine in the emulator. But on my Android (Huawei P10 lite) there is a bug as you can see in the video.
I’m tapping 3 times on the Plus symbol and it should just add 3 to it, but it jumps from 1 to 4 and then up to 6.

I was able to reproduce this problem. I think it is outside the scope of things we can fix, though. What I see is that for more than one tap in quick succession, there are extra touch events being fired. The error seems to be in the generation of these extra events, which is controlled by the browser. From within the app we can’t distinguish these from real touch events. It may be related to the performance overhead of applying the action (which is fairly high in this case due to recomputing associated virtual columns and re-rendering the view to reflect the change to the data). I don’t see any immediate solution other than avoiding this kind of interaction. Eventually we would like to provide a type of action that would prompt the user to input a value, which would let you display an actual number input here and use the built-in + and - buttons that don’t exhibit this behavior.

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I’d like to know how the video was shared. Was OK because it’s a gif? I would like to be able to share mp4s on this forum.

I use the App AZ Screen Recorder
You can capture the screen and then convert it to GIF. Max. 20 seconds.

Thanks! I have that app. I’ll have to give it a try. I didn’t realize that it could do the gif part.