New Bug Encountered , child Form Auto re-open fails from within parent form , two defined Form views for same table

Found this weird one today.

My issue here is solved, this is just an informative post.

Got a parent-child setup for adding multiple Students into one Class.

The Student Form is set to Auto re-open, to facilitate easy addition of multiple students. When accessing the Student Form, via the “New” button from inside of a Class Form, the Auto re-open was not happening, the user was being pushed back to the Class Form.

However, when accessing the Student Form from a Class Detail, the Auto re-open occurred as it should.

Upon investigation, I noticed that there were two Form views defined for this same Student table. This had been the case for a while now, but one of them was a Menu view, while the other was Ref view. Just yesterday I had changed the Menu view, to a Ref view, since it was just leftover from an earlier development process, but I didn’t want to delete it just yet.

I changed the view back and forth between Menu and Ref a few times while experimenting. Apparently you can’t have two Form views of the same table, both as Ref, and expect Auto re-open to work. Changing this view back to a Menu view fixed the above issue. I eventually just deleted it, since it was not necessary.

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