New Bug Encountered: "choose a sheet/table" popup window

appsheet cannot browse microsoft onedrive subfolder 3 layers deep. for illustration, my appsheet session cannot see what is in subfolder /onedrive/appsheet/data/, or /onedrive/level_2/level_3/.

but previously i could drill down to data located in deeper subfolders.

so i am stuck. my apps point to tables in nested subfolders. but i cannot make changes to them all unless i reorganize my onedrive data files.

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I am having a similar issue where I need to browse for the google sheet containing the sheet I want new each time rather than selecting a document I have already selected a sheet from.

Appsheet said it’s a known issue and being worked on but I thought I’d include it here also.

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Please contact for help with this.

I’ve also escalated this internally.

I have contacted support. it has a couple of days with no progress.

I am having serious doubts about what is wrong because the problem I see that appsheet cannot browse onedrive subfolders 3 layers deep is just too severe for me to be the only crying out loud.

here is a video capture to better illustrate the limitation i see.

I start with an appsheet app created before i start seeing the limitation - i.e., i could browse to add excel data located in subfolders buried deep in onedrive.

i clone the app and data. appsheet create excel files in subfolder that is 4 level deep - example of the path “(onedrive/)appsheet/data/test_for_demo_to_appsheet_farmpettycash-1836517/tblPettyCash.xlsx”

the clone app works fine.

but when i “browse for more data”, appsheet “get data from” pop-up cannot browse ANY onedrive subfolders more than 3 layers deep !!!

here is the link to video capture …!AiNmeWrQymtcjN9Un8NuJYCP82D6jg