New Bug Encountered:column width issue- 3 dots

I’m encountering a new issue with column widths that I just noticed in the past 2 weeks. The first column in a Table UX is being truncated such that “long” entries only show up as 3 dots (not even a truncated version of the name). This column is not a virtual column. I have tried changing the UX choice (narrow, default, wide), regenerating the table, and save and verify. None of those have fixed the issue where I can see all entries. Prior to the past 2 weeks I had the UX set at default width without issue. Has something changed? The names do have a lat-long tied to them, and they do have a conditional format (but they had these same things before the issue started). I’m stumped.

This is a known issue and we are investigating what is the main reason for this behavior. Would you please send an email with all possible details to

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Will do! Thank you.