New Bug Encountered: Connection timed out?

Been having an issue when trying to do a full sync with one of our apps for the past 2 days. It says:

“Connection timed out. Please wait a moment and try again.”

This is happening on multiple computers and on different connections. It’s also happening within the app editor. Our other app is not having this issue. Any ideas what else could be causing this?

Have you tried it on a different internet connection?

Do you have any spreadsheet formulas in the sheet?

Whenever you have spreadsheet formulas in the sheet, any time you make an edit back to the sheet the system waits for the spreadsheet formulas to calculate before progressing to the next edit.

Most times this is usually handled fast, but if you’re app is complicated or full of data, or if the spreadsheet formula is a slow processing one, things can get really slow.

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I am also experiencing this on my app as well. Last I made changes was last week, and only last Tuesday did it start timing out - around the same time your app did.

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My app doesn’t have spreadsheet formulas, though. I would admit to the app being complicated.
At this point, it’s hard to zero in on what I did wrong on my end - last edits I made ran with no problems for a week until last Tuesday.

Have you emailed They’ll be able to better directly help. :wink:

I have, thank you.

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