New Bug Encountered:CSV download issue

We are encountering an issue in CSV download, whereby the view is displaying the data but CSV download action is returning null records from that view. In analyzing this further, this seems to be working when the underlying slice or table have no criterions but failing with others, though the view is showing the data accurately.

Has anyone encountered this?

Hi Dinesh,
We’re aware of an issue with the CSV download action and we have someone actively working on this.

Quick clarifying question: when you say criterions, are you talking about the security filters?
Thank you

FYI @Steve_Howard

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The CSV download seems to work with

  1. If there are no filters on the underlying table/slice
  2. Hard-coded filters ex. column name= “ABC”

But for certain scenarios where we have filters/join using userSettings or other tables it seems to fail though the data is displayed correctly in the view

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Thanks for the extra info, that helps me figure out the problem. I made a mistake while trying to fix a different problem, and I tested it on a slice — with a hard-coded filter!

We’ve reverted the change that broke this, so it’ll be fixed on our next deployment (likely tomorrow). I understand what went wrong and am fixing my other fix.


Thanks Steve.