New Bug Encountered: custom view title with data only works on views, not on dashboards

Steps to repro:

Take a look at this dashboard. When you click a customer, the tile/view for “details for” should include the customer name, e.g. “Details for John Smith”:

now instead of the dashboard, click on the view called “customers”, if you drill in, you will see the correct view title.

In the above example, same thing for “Order” which should result in “Details for 2348902374”

@morgan Any thoughts about this?

It is a bit of a weird behaviour.
I have just tried to get a workaround:

Virtual column [Test] with text “Details for”
Virtual column [Title] with CONCATENATE or TEXT [Test] and [ID]

Display name fromula

If the condition is false, then I get Details
If the condition is true, then I get View Name Detail ( Orders Detail )
(mind that is Orders Detail not Orders DetailS)

Sorry I can’t help!