New Bug Encountered: Custom Y/N text set by expression is not updated until Y/N field is activated

EDITED: I didn’t think to include, and test, one important detail in this description initially. The field label expression I am using is in the “Description” property. When I place the same expression in the “Display name” property it works as expected.

I am using expressions to set the Display Name as well as the button text in the [Ready To Send?] column based on the setting of the [Order Type] column. The expression is (the field label is slightly different of course):

IF([Order Type] = "Quote",
    "Send Quote",
     "Send Invoice"

When [Order Type] field is changed, these expressions are not activated immediately to update the button text and field label. The Y/N button must be tapped first and then the text and label update. ALSO, it takes 2 taps to change the Y/N selection - first tap updates and then second tap selects. See this progression in the images below.

Correct Initial Y/N button based on Order Type = Order
Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 3.36.37 PM

Changing Order Type to Quote - Expect Y/N button and field label to change to "Send Quote"

Tapping the “Send Invoice” button - button and label changes to “Send Quote” but button is NOT selected
Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 3.36.55 PM

Tapping same button, now named “Send Quote”, selects the button

Tapping “Wait to Send” immediately selects it - no expression implemented there


Hi John,

So if I understand this properly, both the Description field (a formula that gets you “Ready to Send Quote/Invoice?”) and the Yes/Non Display Values fields (formulas that get you “Send Invoice/Quote”) for a Y/N column do not immediaately evaluate the expressions after you make some changes. Ideally, you’d like to see the displayed values be updated as soon as there is a change to the condition formula. Is that correct?

Follow-up question: After the last step you described (the fourth screenshot), if you click on “Send Quote” does it take two clicks to select the button again?

Correct. In fact, with the formula in the Display name property this is exactly how it works. And for most other columns (I haven’t tested them all) it works this way.

No, it does not.