New Bug Encountered: Dashboard inconsistencies in ADD capabilities

I recently created some Dashboard views to provide a better user experience for desktop/laptop users by eliminating the tremendous amount of white space in some “normal” views. After the fact I realized that the ADD buttons are not shown on these views in the Dashboard.

Reading posts going back into 2018 about this same issue, the responses seem to imply the removal of the ADD button is intentional and that we should include an ADD button on the Detail view. While this might be a good workaround, it should not be a permanent solution. It’s like having an ADD button on each row of a Deck or Table view, it just logically doesn’t make sense to end users.

Additionally, Map and Calendar views DO allow for adding of the very same records from the Dashboard top level. Below is an image showing this.

I would like to request that ADD capabilities/buttons be included in Table and Deck views when presented inside of a Dashboard.

I know some might want to classify this as a Feature Request. But this is a capability has been requested by several posters for more than a year. Also, there ARE other views allowing for ADD capabilities creating an inconsistency within the system. So, I respectfully request this remain as a bug item.

Image reflecting removal of ADD ability for Customers in Table view while showing the SAME ADD capability in a Map view. Calendar also has capability to ADD Work Order items, the main record of this app!!


@WillowMobileSystems For your information… we are working with this feature (overlay buttons) but unfortunately I’m not able to give you any exact time when it would be ready.

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Thank you for the follow-up. I hope sooner rather than later. I am implementing a work around but it isn’t ideal.