New Bug Encountered: Data displaying in editor, not on mobile devices. Same Login email

Issue: In my editor, Location data shows in the Company dashboard view. On my phone the Location data does not show in the Company dashboard view. Using same login email for both.

There is a security filter on Location table so that when a location has been assigned to a driver (using their email in the “assigned to” column) only those applicable records are shown to the driver. That expression is:

OR(USEREMAIL() = [Assigned To],IN(LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), Users, Email, Select Role), LIST(“Admin”)))

In all other places in the app I can find, the Location data shows including all ref views, inline views and a menu view.

Lastly. The Company dashboard view which contains the Location view has a show-if restraint of:

IN(LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), Users, Email, Select Role), LIST(“Admin”))

I am logged in using my email which assigned as an “Admin” in the app.

As an attempted remedy I removed the security filter above on the location table and it did not affect the issue.

And of course, after posting the issue resolved. I have not put the security filter back on, but it has started behaving as expected with the Location view showing across both the editor and mobile device.