New Bug Encountered: Deck and Card Views not responding to adjustments

This is odd and can’t say I’ve seen it before. I’m making adjustments to an inline deck view and updating the primary and secondary header fields but appsheet is not responding to the adjustments even after I press save.

  • Tried Card View and its not responding either.
  • I cleared the cache
  • Turned off/on my computer
  • Checked another application but it seems to respond fine.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Card are still finicky in general, but I haven’t seen Decks behave oddly in recent times. I don’t use any Deck views either, so I can’t quickly check anything in existing apps at the moment.

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Looks like the system does not accept a conversion on an existing view to a card view. I had to delete and create a new view in order to get it to work.

It certainly does complain about it. I usually just finagle with switching the views saving and switching again and it usually works. Sometimes I do it a few times.