New Bug Encountered: Deck View Main Image set to Round but still displays as Square

I have a deck view where the Main Image (data type Thumbnail) is set to Round but it still displays as a square. I checked UX Options but there’s nothing specific to the format. The only way I could get the

Any help would be outstanding. Thanks

Hi @Daisy_Ramirez
I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure thumbnails are always square. Maybe we need to request round thumbnails?


@Daisy_Ramirez I think @Lynn is right - is it important that column type be ‘thumbnail’? It should work for you if it’s set to ‘Image’.


Hi @Peter
I have found that sometimes images that are not the best quality and a bit pixelated? look better as a thumbnails.

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Interesting - if you have any examples of this @Lynn, would be helpful to see.

Likely unrelated to that, but comes to mind: one of the first things I always do in my UX > Options is set my image upload size to ‘full’.

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Ok so if I change it tobanbimagebwill it convert to round?

A million thanks;)

Yes you may have round ones for an image column.

Hi @Peter I will track one down. I know I had trouble with one of the sample apps when I was working on it. Its possible I did not have upload size set to “full”

Worked perfectly! Thanks Peter & Lynn!

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