New Bug Encountered: Deck View - Nested Tables have large gaps and will list beyond view

I like the concept of nested tables in a Deck View. But there are a few issues that keep me from using them related to the Deck View fixed height when the Nested Tables are added.

  1. When a table has only a few lines there is a large gap left between one Deck View item and the next - due to a fixed height. This gap should be dynamic up to any size limiting factor meaning it should dynamically reduce the white space gap between Deck View items until it reaches the maximum Deck View item height.

  2. When the number of rows grow beyond the fixed Deck View height, rows are cut off from the view. There needs to be some row limiting property much like that found in Detail Views that limit reference item lists to a set property and then shows a count indicating additional rows are available.

Large white space gap between Deck View items

Rows are cut off with no indicator of additional rows - table shows 7 out of 8 rows


Thank you for your feedback @WillowMobileSystems. We are always looking at ways to improve the UX experience and will take this in consideration as we iterate.

Are you experiencing the same issue with the table view by chance or is it isolated to the deck view?


The main scenario we had in mind was to see embedded charts for a nested table within each deck row. So it is quite likely we haven’t handled the various other display types well for this embedded case, especially those that show all rows rather than a summary (like a chart or map view).


@JCadence Only seeing the issue with the Nested Table in the Deck view.

@praveen I’m not clear on what you mean. How do I get a Chart to show as embedded within the Deck row? I’m not seeing a way to do that.

@WillowMobileSystems, once you decide to show the nested table, the question is: how will the system choose to show it.

If you have a Ref view definition for this (just the same way that a nested table is shown inside a Details view), then that view definition will be used. If none exists, then the table view format is chosen by default.


I see. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!!